Relaunching a University Website

We collaborated with Touro University Berlin to transform their website; realigning it with their parent school's global brand standards and improving usability for students and faculty. In the site’s first 90 days online, we saw a 129% increase in engagement, a 30% decrease in bounce rate, and a 14% boost in return traffic.
Touro University


We began with a thorough analysis of the site's analytics, seeking insights into user behavior patterns and identifying existing pain points. This was followed by an in-depth workshop with the school's leadership and marketing teams, where we discussed brand direction, mapped user personas, strategized content and structure, and addressed CMS needs and technical constraints. This comprehensive approach provided us with a holistic view of the project and a wealth of information to guide our strategy.

Design & Development

We started by defining the site's style, in line with a brand refresh from the University's main campus. We tailored these new brand standards to reflect the Berlin satellite school's distinct identity, ensuring a balance between overall brand cohesion and campus-specific traits. Drawing on insights from the discovery phase, we optimized the site's structure to enhance navigation and usability. Our development team expertly brought our responsive designs to life, integrating them with a custom-built WordPress CMS designed with the content management team's needs in mind


The website launched in Spring 2023, marking the beginning of a new digital era for the Berlin satellite school. Within the first 90 days of its launch, the site witnessed a 129% surge in user engagement, a 30% reduction in bounce rate, and a 14% increase in return traffic. These metrics not only reflect the site's enhanced usability but also its increased appeal to its target audience. Do you have a website project in mind? Reach out to schedule a free consultation and discover what our team can do for you.


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