Building an AI-Powered Language Learning Tutor

Talkpal is an innovative language learning application that utilizes artificial intelligence to create a personalized, engaging and interactive learning experience in 57+ languages. We helped TalkPal move from conception to launch for Android and iOS, acquiring more than 500k users.

Talkpal AI


The foundational concept of Talkpal centered on utilizing artificial intelligence to foster a personalized language learning environment. In 2022, our collaboration with the Talkpal team commenced, beginning with the development of a prototype. This quickly evolved into a web-based application, enabling us to attract our initial group of test users for concept validation. Our overarching goal was to create an engaging and effective platform that leverages AI for language acquisition.


As Talkpal gained popularity and received valuable feedback from users, we began to collaborate on a design that would transition this product from a web-based application to mobile app stores. We iterated to refine the user experience and functionality of the app. In collaboration with the Talkpal team, we developed a cohesive design system that laid the foundation for Talkpal's visual identity, followed by development to translate these designs into functional code. In 2023, Talkpal's first mobile apps were launched on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


Talkpal has garnered widespread support from the digital community, earning recognition from industry giants such as Microsoft and AWS. With over 500,000 users and counting, the platform's popularity continues to grow. We continue to collaborate with Talkpal's team to further enhance and expand the application. We are excited about the potential for this product as a blueprint that we would like to apply to other use cases across different industries. Do you have an idea for a project like TalkPal? Learn more about our AI Implementation services.


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