Digitizing a Nonprofit Scientific Journal

We partnered with the Autism Research Institute to transform their 37-year-old print journal into a CMS-powered news site. Our mission was to preserve the journal's rich history and branding while ensuring a user-friendly experience for their content management team and the end user. The result? A seamlessly managed, 500+ page site that empowers their team and engages their audience.
Autism Research Institute


We kicked off the project with comprehensive meetings with the Autism Research Institute (ARI) team to gain a deep understanding of their objectives and visual preferences. To ensure a seamless adoption of the new technology, we evaluated the CMS of their parent website, which served as a blueprint for the new site's development. Following this, we presented wireframes to the team, laying the groundwork for the content organization and establishing the final structure of the site.

Design & Development

In the design and development phase, we drew inspiration from the print journal to establish a comprehensive style guide for the website. Respecting the brand's heritage, we integrated specific colors and text styles from the print version of the journal. Once the style was set, we moved from initial sketches to polished, responsive designs. Our development team then constructed the website, ensuring a smooth integration with a custom WordPress CMS, tailored with the ARI content management team's needs in mind.


The sites launch is scheduled for April 2024, in line with Autism Awareness Month. We are excited to share the statistics and success stories from its initial months online. Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, if you're considering a website upgrade, reach out for a free consultation and discover what our team can do for you.


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